Marketing & Advertising Research

CEO Gini Graham Scott got her start in marketing and advertising research by working for Foote, Cone & Belding as a project director, creating interview guides, and writing research reports on major consumer brands.

More recently, she has developed marketing and research campaigns for her own books and films, and for Publishers, Agents and Films – a service that connects writers to publishers, agents, the film industry, and venture capitalists and angel investors.

She also developed ad campaigns for new products for graduate seminars in Marketing and Public Relations.

Here is a summary of these major campaigns

Publishers, Agents, Films

This has been a successful company for 14 years and began as Publishers and Agents. It gained major success after being featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal and Contra Costa Times.

Over the years, the company helped over 1,000 clients and has enthusiastic testimonials from over 260 writers.  Scott has remained a consultant and writer to the new company.


The Heliflyer

The Heliflyer began as a marketing campaign for an imaginary product in an MBA marketing class. But the campaign and website proved so real that some people sought to book services, and a company with carts for helicopters brought in its lawyers to insist on and pay for a name change from its original name, afraid of the competition.



Pet Speaker

This began as a project for a PR class to develop an ad plan and sample ads for the campaign. The basic idea of the product was that an embedded sound chip and software could translate the sounds of a dog or cat into words to indicate what they were thinking, saying, feeling, and more.

The chip could be put on the pet in various forms — a collar, pet tag, belt, chain, leash, or clip-on device.   At one time there was a Pet Speaker website, and the campaign seemed so real that several angel investors expressed interest and a few prospective retail buyers wanted to place orders for the product when it was released.

The material for the campaign is available on request.

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